Who's Who at CStew

Saunders (Sandy) Buckstein - President.  Sandy has headed several corporations over the past 30 years including Andromeda Consulting, Inc., Computers for Community, Inc., and Greenbelt Enterprises, Inc.  He has also been a senior technical consultant to such corporations as Qwest Communications,  Nessalk Energy and Regatta Capital. His intimate knowledge and experience with Internet applications, telecom and computers have created the vision and provide the driving force for CommunityStew.  His idea that:  "A Stewdio may be used by anybody, any business and any group" provides a focus for the company.  His separation of our Stewdio packages recognizes the different needs of many varied organizations and illustrates the flexibility of our system..

Mark W. Reinhardt - Executive Vice President.  Mark comes to CStew.com with many years of management and consulting experience with high-tech companies. After receiving degrees in engineering and applied science from Duke and Harvard, and his law degree from the University of Chicago, Mark took a position with Venable, Baetjer and Howard, a large law firm in Baltimore. He has subsequently held in-house legal positions with Texaco Inc. and Philips Electronics, and was General Counsel of Laser Magnetic Storage International Company, a large manufacturer of optical and magnetic storage devices for the computer industry. More recently, he has had his own legal practice representing a variety of businesses from small Internet start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and has done a substantial amount of work for Tanning Technology Corporation, a Denver computer consulting company that went public in 1999.

Don Marriage - Chief Technical Officer.  Don has long been involved with technical development in small and large organizations such as Mapquest and Qwest Communications, Inc.  A virtuoso with Visual Basic, Perl and many other programming languages, he leads the way for our technological creativity.

William T. Wilton - Treasurer.  A veteran of the gas and oil industry and a long-time consultant to many established companies as well as start-ups, Bill provides a CPA's insight into our workings and helps us to keep focused on staying in-the-black.

Others too numerous to mention - help with Stewdio concept development, graphics design and sales and marketing.  Still more are responsible for maintaining our computer systems, databases and other portions of the Internet infrastructure. A combination of all of us make sure that you, the customer, get a product that serves your needs now and will continue to do so in the future.


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