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 In today's world it just makes sense for businesses and nonprofit organizations to use the power of the Internet to their full advantage. That means more than just having a web site—it means web-enabling your communications with your employees, members and customers, and making critical information and databases available in a secure, online environment.

 Large organizations achieve this functionality with custom intranet sites. But these cost tens of thousands of dollars to set up, and are expensive and difficult to maintain. They just aren’t a realistic choice for smaller organizations.

 CommunityStew fills the needs of these organizations by offering “StewdiosTM”—secure, semi-custom intranet sites that can be online in minutes, and provide the functionality (custom email, file servers, calendaring, databases) that most organizations need. Stewdios are priced to be affordable by even the smallest businesses and nonprofits, and are always advertising-free. Best of all, they can be used and maintained by anyone, without the need for programming expertise or special training.


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