Internet Solutions for Churches and Religious Organizations

CommunityStew is the natural choice for churches and religious organizations wishing to establish or enhance their presence on the Web and take full advantage of Internet technology. With our advanced software anyone can have a professional-looking home page up and running within minutes, with no special skills needed. But that’s just the beginning. Your home page will link directly to your “StewdioTM”, a password-protected private online community just for your members and staff. Communication with your congregation was never so easy. Moreover, our specially-designed software will automate many of your current administrative tasks, freeing your staff for other duties. Our clients are continually amazed at how a CommunityStew Stewdio can simplify their lives, enhance their organizational effectiveness, and save them substantial amounts of money.

 Standard Functionality for Churches and Religious Groups 

  1. Replace your existing web site entirely, or simply augment it with a “Stewdio”
    1. Keep your existing domain name
  2. Keep track of your members in an integrated member database
    1. We’ll upload your existing database for you, and show you how much more useful it can be when you keep it online
    2. Members can change their personal information on line at any time
    3. Your staff can update and download data from anywhere
    4. Easy publication of member directories
    5. Easy printing of mailing lists and labels
    6. Easy communication with former members (bring them back in the fold!)
    7. Easy tracking of non-member contacts and mailing lists
  3. Online church calendar
    1. Separate calendars for as many church organizations as you like
    2. Book events to public and/or private calendars
  4. Online appointment calendars—allow your members to sign up for events or even book time with the pastor online
  5. Online information and announcements
    1. Put your church bulletin/sermon/etc. online every week for members who can’t attend services
    2. Publish photos of all your events
    3. Keep important church documents online and available to everyone
  6. Individual pages for church groups and committees—for example, the choir and youth group could have their own calendars and announcements
  7. Easy emails to all members
    1. News
    2. Inspirational mailings
    3. Automated mailing lists for church groups and committees
  8. Create online discussion groups on church and theological topics
  9. Communicate with other churches and organizations—in minutes you can create Stewdios for groups of churches to allow them to communicate with each other
    1. Share information
    2. Publicize events

 Custom Functionality 

In addition to our standard features, our consultants can create specific functionality for your organization at extremely competitive rates. 

  1. Custom, multi-level, fully-integrated websites
  2. Financial tracking systems to allow churches to keep track of pledges, gifts and tithing.
  3. Online credit card pledging
  4. Nested sites for regional or national church administration
  5. e-commerce (e.g., online church store)
  6. Anything else you may need


Advantages of all Stewdios

  1. Always accessible, from any computer anywhere
  2. Easy to use, easy to change, and easy to update by ordinary folks without the need for a “webmaster”
  3. Password-protected, with advanced security features
  4. Daily backups
  5. Extensive help tools and support
  6. Very cost effective—in many cases we offer vastly greater functionality for less than you are paying now for hosting alone

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